Antiques Roadshow 2023 episode 10

Antiques Roadshow 2023 episode 10

Antiques Roadshow 2023 episode 10: Fiona and the team are in Liverpool, where treasures include a medal given to one of the first men to land on D-Day, a dress by Ossie Clark and one of the first vials of penicillin. Accompanied by her team, Fiona Bruce pays a visit to Sefton Park located in Liverpool, an area that holds an array of remarkable artifacts. Among the artifacts, there is a medal that was presented to one of the first soldiers who landed on the beaches of Normandy during the D-Day invasion. In addition, there is a dress that was designed by Ossie Clark, as well as a set of spoons that were utilized by the legendary Captain Cook.



While exploring the collection, Mark Smith comes across a fascinating story about a local hero who rescued thirteen American sailors from a shipwreck and was awarded a personal commendation from the President of the United States. Paul Atterbury is fascinated by an exquisite stool that was utilized during the coronation ceremony of Queen Elizabeth II, while Raj Bisram is thrilled to come across a collection of ticket stubs from the 1966 World Cup.



Steven Moore is captivated by three stunning ceramic pieces created by Julia Carter Preston, a pioneer of the hand-carved sgraffito design technique. Meanwhile, Lisa Lloyd is mesmerized by a dress designed by the renowned fashion designer Ossie Clark, who was prominent in the swinging sixties fashion scene. During her visit, Fiona meets with Stephen Yip, who is the son of a Chinese immigrant and shipworker, to discuss the history of the Chinese community in Liverpool. Additionally, Wayne Colquhoun challenges Fiona to identify a mystery item and talks to her about his upbringing in the city and how he transformed his career from being a carpenter to becoming an antiques expert.



Silver specialist Gordon Foster takes note of a pair of Georgian spoons that capture his attention. Upon closer inspection, he discovers that they have the initials JC engraved on them, which stands for Captain James Cook, the legendary explorer.

Antiques Roadshow 2023 episode 10

Antiques Roadshow 2023 episode 10 is a popular television program that has captured the attention of millions of viewers around the world. The show features a team of expert appraisers who travel to different locations to evaluate and assess antiques and collectibles brought in by members of the public. Firstly, the show has become an institution in its own right, having been on the air for over 40 years. It has become a household name and is beloved by many who tune in every week to watch the appraisals and learn about the fascinating history behind each object.

In addition to being entertaining, Antiques Roadshow 2023 episode 1 is also an educational program that teaches viewers about the value of antiques and collectibles. It helps people understand the historical and cultural significance of objects from the past and how they fit into the broader context of human history. One of the things that sets Antiques Roadshow apart from other television shows is its expert team of appraisers. These individuals are highly skilled and knowledgeable about all types of antiques, from furniture to artwork to jewelry. They bring a level of expertise and professionalism to the program that is unmatched in other shows of its kind.

Another aspect of the show that makes it so appealing is the element of surprise. Viewers never know what kind of objects will be brought in for appraisal, and the reactions of both the appraisers and the owners can be unpredictable and entertaining.

Antiques Roadshow is a fascinating and educational program that has captured the hearts of viewers around the world. It offers a unique perspective on history and culture through the lens of antiques and collectibles, and its expert team of appraisers bring a level of knowledge and professionalism that sets it apart from other programs of its kind. Whether you are a seasoned collector or just someone who enjoys learning about the past, Antiques Roadshow is a must-watch program that is sure to entertain and educate.

Fiona Bruce

Fiona Bruce is a prominent journalist and television presenter in the UK. She has been a fixture on the BBC since the 1980s, and has hosted a variety of programs, including news broadcasts and current affairs shows. In this article, we will explore Fiona Bruce’s career, her achievements, and her impact on the media landscape in the UK.

To begin with, Fiona Bruce’s career in journalism began when she joined the BBC as a researcher in 1989. She quickly moved up the ranks, and by the early 1990s, she was presenting the News at Six on BBC One. Since then, she has gone on to host a range of high-profile programs, including Crimewatch, Antiques Roadshow, and Question Time. One of Fiona Bruce’s most notable achievements has been her work on Question Time, which she has been hosting since 2019. This is a highly influential political program, and Fiona’s skill as a presenter has helped to shape the public debate on a range of issues. She has been praised for her ability to keep the discussion focused and for her incisive questioning.

Another area where Fiona Bruce has made an impact is in her work on the Antiques Roadshow 2023 episode 1. This program has been on the air since the late 1970s, and Fiona took over as host in 2008. Under her leadership, the show has continued to be hugely popular, and Fiona’s easy charm and enthusiasm for the subject matter have been a major part of its success

Julia Carter Preston

Julia Althea Carter Preston, a renowned British potter, was instrumental in reviving the art of sgraffito, which involves etching designs onto ceramics, in the United Kingdom during the 1950s. Born in Liverpool, she was the youngest of four daughters of Edward Carter Preston, a sculptor, and Marie Carter Preston, a watercolourist and the sister of the sculptor Herbert Tyson Smith.

Julia attended the Liverpool Institute High School for Girls, Blackburne House, and later pursued her interest in ceramics while studying at the Liverpool College of Art in the 1940s. She specialized in pottery, passed her pottery examination, and earned a National Diploma in Art in 1951. Julia went on to teach ceramics at various colleges in Liverpool, ultimately becoming Head of Ceramics and teaching pottery at the Liverpool College of Art, where John Lennon and Stuart Sutcliffe were among her students. She served in this position until the mid-1970s. During the 1960s, Julia worked as Wedgwood’s official lecturer in the north-west.

In 1960, Julia married Michael Pugh Thomas, a marine biologist and environmental scientist. The couple did not have children. Examples of Julia’s work were presented to Princess Margaret and the Duchess of Kent during their official visits to Liverpool. Additionally, a piece of her work was commissioned as a present for the Prince of Wales during his visit to the newly restored St George’s Hall in Liverpool in 2007.

In 1999, an exhibition of Julia’s work was held at the Walker Art Gallery, opened by Antiques Roadshow expert Tim Wonnacott, who is an enthusiastic collector of her work. Julia was made a Fellow of Liverpool John Moores University in 2005. Her work is represented in several prestigious galleries, including the Walker Art Gallery, the Liverpool University Art Gallery, the York Art Gallery, the Ulster Museum in Belfast, and the Smithsonian Institution in Washington.

Following her husband’s death in March 2011, Julia lived in a nursing home close to her former home in Canning Street. Her personal collection of ceramics was donated to Liverpool Hope University, where a trust has been established to preserve the collection and support student bursaries.

Fashion designer Ossie Clark

Ossie Clark was a British fashion designer who rose to prominence in the 1960s and 1970s. He was known for his distinctive style, which combined fluid lines and luxurious fabrics with intricate prints and bold colors. Clark’s designs were popular with celebrities and fashion icons of the era, including Mick Jagger, Twiggy, and Marianne Faithfull. Born in 1942 in Warrington, England, Clark studied fashion design at the Royal College of Art in London. He began his career as a designer in the early 1960s, creating clothes for private clients and boutiques. In 1965, he established his own label, Ossie Clark, which quickly became popular with the fashion-conscious youth of London.

Clark’s designs were characterized by their feminine silhouettes, which emphasized the natural curves of the body. He was a master of drapery and often used luxurious fabrics like silk and velvet to create his flowing gowns and dresses. Clark’s signature prints were bold and colorful, often featuring flowers, paisleys, and other intricate patterns. In addition to his work as a designer, Clark was known for his glamorous lifestyle and social circle. He was married to the textile designer Celia Birtwell, who often collaborated with him on prints and designs. Clark’s parties and gatherings were legendary, and he counted many famous musicians, artists, and actors among his friends and clients.

Despite his success, Clark’s label suffered financial difficulties in the late 1970s, and he was forced to declare bankruptcy in 1983. He continued to work as a designer, but his career never regained its former glory. Clark passed away in 1996, but his legacy lives on in the work of designers who continue to draw inspiration from his unique style and vision.

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