Antiques Roadshow 2023 episode 19

Antiques Roadshow 2023 episode 19

Antiques Roadshow 2023 episode 19 – The latest episode of Antiques Roadshow emanates from the meticulously manicured grounds surrounding the imposing Elizabethan Wollaton Hall in Nottingham. As experts are inundated with an array of eclectic treasures, delightful surprises and captivating stories emerge. Silver specialist Kate Flitcroft examines a visually striking vintage fire extinguisher that has been artfully transformed into a shiny chrome cocktail shaker. The Burke safety label indicates it likely dates to the 1940s when such novel repurposing first came into vogue. Kate estimates this ingenious object could fetch up to £5,000 at auction, sparking excitement in the owner.



Master of ceramics Eric Knowles encounters a whimsical wind-up toy of a monkeyemerging from a pineapple music box. The cheeky primate seems right at home amidst the pineapple’s fruited faux finery, a symbol of exotic luxury in the late Victorian era when the toy was manufactured. Eric determines it was crafted around 1890 by esteemed toymaker Schoenner and values this playful piece at approximately £2,000, amazing its owner.



Host Fiona Bruce makes a dramatic entrance riding an iconic 1950s Chopper bicycle, playfully alluding to Nottingham’s rich history as a hub of bike manufacturing. She recounts how local company Raleigh Cycles, founded in the city in the 1880s, grew to become the largest bicycle factory in the world by the 1950s.

Fiona then tells the inspiring story of local activist George Powe who vigorously campaigned against workplace discrimination at Raleigh. His efforts helped open up opportunities for African-Caribbean workers at the factory. Two former employees share poignant anecdotes of their time working on the factory floor, bringing this remarkable history to life.

Jewellery expert Susan Rumfitt invites Fiona to guess the age and value of three exquisite cameo brooches and pendants. Though Fiona makes valiant estimations, she struggles to accurately date the detailed hand carved figural pieces. Susan reveals they range from £250 to £750, with their intricate craftsmanship significantly increasing their worth.

Finally, collectables specialist Hilary Kay uncovers an unexpected trove of Queen Victoria’s intimate garments. With impeccable provenance, the silk bloomers and lace-trimmed chemises elicit fascinated reactions. Hilary values these literal pieces of history from £600 to a staggering £2,500 based on their royal origins.

This expanded narrative allows viewers to fully visualize the dramatic appraisals and appreciate the remarkable stories behind these singular objects. Antiques Roadshow continues to captivate through its blend of history, personal memories, and enthralling surprises.


Antiques Roadshow 2023 episode 19


Fiona Bruce

A tenacious trailblazer with an insatiable passion for the world of broadcast journalism, Fiona Bruce has carved an extraordinary legacy over her illustrious decades-long career. Her rise to prominence within the hallowed halls of the BBC began in 1989 when she joined as a humble researcher. However, her obvious flair and acumen quickly set her apart, propelling her upward through the ranks at breakneck speed. By the early 1990s, Fiona had already solidified herself as a marquee presenter trusted with helming the renowned News at Six broadcast on BBC One – an astonishing feat for someone so early in their journalistic journey.

This meteoric ascension was only just the beginning for Fiona, the springboard that launched a multifaceted career punctuated by a diverse array of high-profile engagements. From probing the dark shadows of humanity in true-crime juggernaut Crimewatch to unearthing hidden treasures in the beloved Antiques Roadshow, Fiona fearlessly ventured into new territory time and again. However, of all her television undertakings, it is her long-standing role as host of Question Time that warrants the deepest dive. Since taking up the mantle in 2019, Fiona has steered this crucial platform for political discourse and public debates with finesse and nuance. Her dexterity in directing the ebb and flow of the conversation, layering thoughtful yet incisive questions, and enriching the dialogue has won consistent praise. Through the Question Time loudspeaker, Fiona has not just burnished her own credentials but shaped public opinion on a sprawling array of pressing social and political issues. Her influence through this channel alone has been deeply transformative.

Beyond the intensity of political debates, Fiona Bruce has also flexed her hosting chops through lighthearted yet engaging forays into the entertainment arena. Her effervescent charm and infectious enthusiasm for her work energized the Antiques Roadshow anew when she took up the presenter reins in 2008. Although already a beloved cultural mainstay since its introduction in the late 1970s, the show found a new wind under Fiona’s leadership. She breathed new life into the format with her effusive passion for the subject matter and stellar ability to connect with guests and audiences alike. Recent episodes like Antiques Roadshow 2023 Episode 1 continue to enchant viewers, thanks in large part to Fiona’s consummate hosting instincts honed over years at the helm.

In drawing this curtain on Fiona Bruce’s story, it is clear that her monumental influence spans the full gamut of television and journalism. She boasts an astonishing array of credits to her name, from hard-hitting investigative news to light entertainment, all tackled with the same vigor and dedication. As we look ahead, there is no doubt Fiona will continue breaking new ground and redefining the limits of achievement in the media world she has helped shape over three remarkable decades. She stands today not just as a household name, but as an inspiration for aspiring journalists and broadcasters across the United Kingdom.

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