Antiques Roadshow 2024 – Ebrington Square, Derry/Londonderry 3

Antiques Roadshow 2024 – Ebrington Square, Derry/Londonderry 3

Antiques Roadshow 2024 – Ebrington Square, Derry/Londonderry 3 – The Antiques Roadshow’s final stop on its captivating tour takes place in the historic city of Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Ebrington Square, a stunning location steeped in cultural heritage, plays host to a remarkable array of treasures from across the globe. This episode promises to be a true gem for antique enthusiasts and casual viewers alike.


Among the diverse collection of artifacts, a striking bronze statue from Java instantly captures attention. Ronnie Archer-Morgan, a renowned expert in the field, is enthralled by the exquisite figure depicting Javanese mythology. Acquired for a mere few pounds online, this ancient sculpture could potentially date back nearly a millennium, sparking intrigue and curiosity among the audience.

Jewelry aficionados will delight in the presence of a dazzling gold feather brooch designed by the pioneering Andrew Grima, a visionary in the world of 1960s jewelry design. Joanna Hardy, a specialist in this realm, shares her enthusiasm for this captivating piece, shedding light on the innovative techniques and styles that defined the era.


The Antiques Roadshow is not just about showcasing rare and valuable items; it also celebrates the stories behind them. Mark Smith examines a medal awarded to a courageous woman who played a pivotal role in the Irish War of Independence, honoring her bravery and sacrifice for the cause of Irish freedom.

Sports enthusiasts will be enthralled by the Olympic boxing memorabilia on display, including insights from Raj Bisram, who delves into the fascinating tale of an Irishman who ascended to the prestigious role of an Olympic boxing referee. This unique piece of history offers a glimpse into the world of international sporting events and the dedication required to reach such heights.


For those with a penchant for design and craftsmanship, the episode promises to delight. Katherine Wright eagerly awaits the opportunity to explore a collection of ceramics by the renowned Irish designer John ffrench, whose works have left an indelible mark on the world of pottery. Meanwhile, Mark Hill admires a mid-century lounge chair by an esteemed American designer, acquired for the modest sum of ten pounds, highlighting the potential for discovering true gems at bargain prices.

The Antiques Roadshow also pays homage to the rich industrial heritage of Derry/Londonderry. Fiona Bruce delves into the city’s long-standing tradition of shirt making, meeting three women who worked in the factories – the original ‘Derry girls’ – and providing viewers with a captivating glimpse into the lives of these industrious workers.

Antiques Roadshow 2024 – Ebrington Square, Derry/Londonderry 3

Amidst the diverse array of treasures, John Sandon encounters a peculiar ceramic tray bearing the mark of the renowned Belleek porcelain factory. This unique piece, pierced with small holes, holds a surprising connection to salmon fishing, adding an intriguing layer of mystery and intrigue to the episode.

For photography enthusiasts, Marc Allum unveils an early 20th-century gadget designed to assist photographers in calculating the correct exposure, a testament to the ingenuity and innovation that has shaped the art of capturing images throughout history.

Spiritual and religious artifacts also find their place in this remarkable collection. Lennox Cato is deeply moved by a carved wooden crucifix dating back to 1716, a powerful symbol of faith and devotion that has withstood the test of time.

As the Antiques Roadshow concludes its journey in Derry/Londonderry, Gordon Foster challenges Fiona Bruce to identify the odd one out among a collection of Irish and Scottish silver vessels, adding a playful and interactive element to the proceedings.

This episode promises to be a captivating exploration of history, culture, and craftsmanship, showcasing the diverse array of treasures that have found their way to the streets of Derry/Londonderry. Whether you’re an avid collector or simply appreciate the stories behind these remarkable artifacts, the Antiques Roadshow’s visit to Ebrington Square is sure to be a true delight.

F.A.Q. on Antiques Roadshow 2024 – Ebrington Square, Derry/Londonderry

Q.: What is the significance of Ebrington Square hosting the Antiques Roadshow 2024?

A.: Ebrington Square, known for its rich cultural heritage, was chosen as the final stop for the Antiques Roadshow 2024 due to its historical significance. This picturesque location in Derry/Londonderry provided a stunning backdrop for the discovery and appraisal of global treasures, bridging the past with the present in a city known for its vibrant history and contribution to the arts and culture.

Q.: What kinds of items were featured at the Antiques Roadshow in Derry/Londonderry?

A.: The event showcased a wide array of items, including a bronze statue from Java, a gold feather brooch by Andrew Grima, a medal from the Irish War of Independence, Olympic boxing memorabilia, ceramics by John ffrench, a mid-century lounge chair, and a peculiar ceramic tray from Belleek porcelain factory. This diverse collection highlighted the depth and variety of antiques, from jewelry and historical artifacts to ceramics and design pieces.

Q.: How does the Antiques Roadshow contribute to the appreciation of history and culture?

A.: The Antiques Roadshow plays a crucial role in cultural preservation by bringing to light the stories behind various artifacts. It educates the public about historical events, artistic movements, and personal narratives attached to each item. By valuing and appreciating these pieces, the show fosters a deeper understanding of our shared heritage and encourages the conservation of these treasures for future generations.

Q.: Can you tell me more about the unusual items discovered during the show?

A.: Among the unique finds was a bronze statue depicting Javanese mythology, believed to be nearly a millennium old, and a ceramic tray linked to salmon fishing, bearing the mark of the Belleek porcelain factory. These items not only captivate with their beauty and craftsmanship but also intrigue with their mysterious origins and uses, demonstrating the show’s ability to uncover the unexpected.

Q.: What makes the Antiques Roadshow at Ebrington Square, Derry/Londonderry, a must-watch episode?

A.: This episode stands out for its celebration of Northern Ireland’s industrial heritage, particularly through the story of the ‘Derry girls’ who worked in the shirt factories. It also features a diverse range of artifacts that encapsulate history, art, and ingenuity, from ancient sculptures and innovative jewelry designs to Olympic memorabilia and religious artifacts. The picturesque setting of Ebrington Square adds to the allure, making it a captivating exploration of history, culture, and craftsmanship.

Q.: How does the Antiques Roadshow benefit the local community in Derry/Londonderry?

A.: Hosting the Antiques Roadshow brings significant cultural and economic benefits to Derry/Londonderry. It attracts visitors and antique enthusiasts from around the world, boosting local tourism and business. The event also shines a spotlight on the city’s rich history and cultural landmarks, fostering community pride and enhancing its reputation as a vibrant cultural hub.

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