Antiques Roadshow – Toys and Childhood Special

Antiques Roadshow - Toys and Childhood Special

Antiques Roadshow – Toys and Childhood Special – In this special episode, we dive deep into the captivating world of toys, unraveling the profound impact they’ve had on shaping the fondest memories of our childhood. We embark on a nostalgic journey, showcasing an array of beloved toys that have been cherished over the last century. This includes the classic teddy bears, the iconic Sindy dolls, the adventurous Star Wars action figures, and the revolutionary computer games that have been a cornerstone of many childhoods.



We take a fascinating look back in time, starting from a 4,000-year-old pull-along toy, traveling through the evolution of toys, and arriving at one of the earliest personal computer consoles inspired by the legendary arcade game, Pac-Man. The episode offers a unique perspective on how the concept of toys and childhood itself has transformed throughout the ages. Raj Bisram delves into an impressive Action Man collection, showcasing the evolution and popularity of this toy. Meanwhile, Marc Allum immerses himself in the world of the much-adored table football game Subbuteo, discovering the intriguing story behind its unusual name.



Our journey also uncovers toys that have emerged from periods of conflict, highlighting their historical significance. This includes two marionettes, crafted by prisoners during the Second World War, a testament to the enduring spirit and creativity in challenging times. Fiona Bruce takes us through a captivating exploration at the Museum of the Home in London. Here, she uncovers an extraordinary Christmas gift fashioned from an old gas mask box, revealing the resourcefulness and resilience of past generations.

The episode also features vintage toy collector Stephen Lane, who presents Fiona with an exciting challenge: to determine the value of three rare Star Wars figures. In a similar vein, Mark Hill visits the V&A Museum in London, where he discovers the meticulous preparations underway for transporting priceless toys to their new exhibition space in the Young V&A, set to open the following year.

Additionally, Fiona meets the renowned broadcaster Jonathan Ross, who proudly owns one of the UK’s largest toy collections. She delves into what ignites his passion for collectibles, focusing on his fascination with Japanese action figures, and explores the underlying reasons behind his enduring love for these plastic treasures.

Antiques Roadshow – Toys and Childhood Special

Explore the enchanting world of toys and their impact on childhood, covering historic and modern toys, from teddy bears to video games, and featuring insights from collectors and experts.

The Evolution of Toys and Their Role in Shaping Childhood

A Century of Beloved Playthings

The journey of toys through the past century is a fascinating story of creativity and innovation. Classic playthings like teddy bears and Sindy dolls have been companions to generations of children, offering comfort and sparking imagination. These toys, while simple in design, hold a special place in the hearts of those who grew up with them, embodying the essence of childhood innocence and joy.

The Rise of Action Figures and Video Games

From Star Wars to Arcade Classics

The evolution of toys saw a significant shift with the introduction of action figures and video games. Star Wars action figures, in particular, became a cultural phenomenon, transcending the realm of play to become collector’s items. Similarly, the advent of computer games, inspired by arcade classics like Pac-Man, revolutionized the concept of play, introducing interactive and digital dimensions to the world of toys.

Historical Insights and Collectibles

Unearthing Treasures of the Past

Exploring the history of toys, one discovers treasures like a 4,000-year-old pull-along toy, symbolizing the timeless nature of play. Personal computer consoles based on Pac-Man mark the intersection of technology and entertainment in the toy industry. Collectors like Raj Bisram, who showcases a remarkable Action Man collection, highlight the enduring appeal of these toys.

Toys from Times of Conflict

Artifacts with Deep Historical Significance

Toys have not only been sources of joy but also artifacts of history. The discovery of marionettes made by prisoners during the Second World War is a poignant reminder of the human spirit’s resilience. These toys, created under dire circumstances, are powerful symbols of hope and creativity.

The Journey of Valuable Collectibles

Appraising and Preserving Toy History

The valuation of toys, especially rare collectibles like Star Wars figures, is a meticulous and fascinating process. Experts like Stephen Lane provide insights into the complex world of toy collecting. Mark Hill’s visit to the V&A Museum in London further emphasizes the cultural importance of preserving these items, especially as they transition to new exhibitions like the Young V&A.

Modern Collectors and Their Passions

Jonathan Ross and the Allure of Japanese Action Figures

Meeting with contemporary collectors like Jonathan Ross reveals the diverse interests driving toy collection today. His passion for Japanese action figures underscores the global influence of toys and how they can foster lifelong hobbies and interests.

Frequently Asked Questions – Antiques Roadshow – Toys and Childhood Special

What makes classic toys like teddy bears and Sindy dolls so enduring?

These toys represent simplicity, nostalgia, and the universal joy of childhood, making them timeless favorites.

How have toys like Star Wars action figures impacted popular culture?

Star Wars figures have not only been playthings but also cultural icons, influencing media, collectibles, and fandom.

What is the significance of toys made during times of conflict?

Toys from such periods are historical artifacts that represent resilience and the unyielding human spirit.

Why are collectors like Jonathan Ross fascinated by Japanese action figures?

Japanese action figures offer unique designs and cultural storytelling, appealing to collectors seeking diverse and intricate items.

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