Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr 2024 episode 7

Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr 2024 episode 7

Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr 2024 episode 7 – As the competition intensifies, the three semi-finalists make their way to the prestigious OVO Arena Wembley, each tasked with a unique challenge: to transform the dressing rooms into a haven fit for the stars. The designers are not only tasked with creating practical hair and make-up stations but also crafting an inviting area where the entourage can relax and a luxurious bathroom that meets the standards of an A-list celebrity.

Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr 2024 episode 7

As they delve into their projects, each contestant brings their own vision and expertise to the fore. The aim is to create spaces that are not only functional but also reflect the glamour and excitement of the entertainment world. The dressing rooms are envisioned to be more than just functional spaces; they are designed to be personal retreats where artists can prepare for their performances in comfort and style.

To add an extra layer of challenge and excitement, the show’s host, Alan Carr, introduces a special guest judge: the pop princess Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Known for her distinctive style and successful music career, Sophie’s keen eye for design and her experience in the music industry make her the perfect judge to help decide which of the designers will advance to the highly anticipated final week of “Interior Design Masters.”

Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr 2024 episode 7

This week’s episode, the seventh in the 2024 series, not only sets the stage for the culmination of a season filled with creativity and design challenges but also highlights the designers’ ability to adapt and innovate under pressure. As the semi-finalists put the finishing touches on their spaces, they must keep in mind that their designs should not only impress the judges but also resonate with the artists who will use these rooms. The designers’ efforts to balance aesthetics with functionality and the personal touches they add to their spaces could ultimately determine their fate in the competition.


With everything to play for, the excitement at OVO Arena Wembley is palpable. The transformations promise to be spectacular, showcasing the immense talent and creativity of the remaining contestants. As they compete for a spot in next week’s final, the pressure is on, and the stakes have never been higher in the quest to become the next master of interior design.

Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr 2024 episode 7

The pressure is on! We’ve reached the semi-finals of Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr, and the remaining three designers are about to face their most glamorous challenge yet. They’re whisked away to the iconic OVO Arena Wembley, not to grace the grand stage, but to tackle the often-overlooked backstage area.

Their mission: transform a trio of tired dressing rooms into havens worthy of A-list musicians and their entourages. Each room needs to encompass three distinct zones – a dedicated space for hair and makeup artistry, a comfortable lounge for the entourage to unwind, and a luxurious bathroom that would make any celebrity feel pampered. The clock is ticking (only two days!), and the designers must unleash their creativity and resourcefulness to impress.

Michelle, with her signature bold aesthetic, goes all-out maximalist. Think dramatic black ceilings, a profusion of upcycled lampshades suspended from golden grids, and religious artifacts and vintage mirrors adorning the walls. She even transforms the hair washing area with a striking gold paint job and a statement maroon picture frame feature. Will her daring vision pay off, or will it overwhelm the judges?

In stark contrast, Daniel takes a more minimalist approach. He focuses on clean lines, a calming neutral palette, and high-quality textures to create a sophisticated and serene space. Think plush velvet sofas for the lounge, sleek marble countertops in the bathroom, and carefully curated artwork throughout. But will his pared-back style resonate with the judges’ desire for a touch of rock-and-roll flair in this backstage setting?

Sarah, known for her playful and eclectic style, strikes a balance between the two. She injects pops of color and unique furniture pieces while maintaining a sense of functionality. Imagine a statement wallpaper in the lounge area, quirky lighting fixtures, and a bathroom that utilizes bold geometric patterns with a touch of metallic glam. Can Sarah’s whimsical personality translate into a space that meets the competition’s high standards?

The stakes have never been higher. Not only are the designers vying for the coveted title of Interior Design Master, but their fate also rests in the hands of a very special guest judge: pop royalty herself, Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Sophie, known for her flamboyant sense of style and larger-than-life performances, will be joining Alan Carr to assess the transformed dressing rooms. Will the designers manage to capture the essence of a rockstar retreat, or will their creations fall flat?

The tension is palpable as the big reveal approaches. The designers present their finished spaces to Alan, Sophie, and a panel of industry experts. Each room is meticulously examined, with a focus on functionality, aesthetics, and the overall “wow” factor. Sophie, never one to mince words, offers candid feedback, praising the successful elements and raising crucial questions about any design choices that fall short.

As the judges deliberate, the designers wait anxiously. Will their blood, sweat, and tears be enough to land them a coveted spot in the grand finale? The pressure is immense, and the competition is fierce. Only one thing is certain: the stakes have never been higher in the race to become Interior Design Master.

F.A.Q. on Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr 2024, Episode 7

Q.: What is the main challenge for the semi-finalists in Episode 7 of Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr 2024?

A.: The semi-finalists are tasked with transforming dressing rooms at the OVO Arena Wembley. Their objective is to create spaces that include practical hair and makeup stations, a relaxing area for the entourage, and a luxurious bathroom, all designed to meet the high standards of A-list celebrities.

Q.: Who are the judges for this episode, and what special guest judge joins them?

A.: The regular judges are joined by pop princess Sophie Ellis-Bextor, who brings her distinctive style and music industry experience to the panel, adding a unique perspective on the interior designs presented by the contestants.

Q.: What styles are the contestants implementing in their designs?

A.: Michelle adopts a bold maximalist approach with dramatic elements and vintage accents. Daniel opts for minimalism with clean lines and a serene palette. Sarah blends playfulness with functionality, using colorful and eclectic designs.

Q.: What are the criteria for judging the contestants’ designs in this episode?

A.: The designs are evaluated based on functionality, aesthetic appeal, and how well they reflect the glamour and excitement of the entertainment world. The judges also consider the personal touches each designer adds to make the spaces feel like a private retreat for artists.

Q.: What are the stakes for the designers in this episode, and what does the winner of the competition gain?

A.: The designers are competing for a place in the grand finale of the series. Winning not only advances them to the final round but also enhances their reputation in the interior design industry, potentially opening doors to numerous professional opportunities.

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