Make It at Market episode 2

Make It at Market episode 2

Make It at Market episode 2 – In the picturesque county of Staffordshire, potter Emily embarks on a journey of transformation and healing through her art. After a life-altering brain injury and subsequent complications that rendered her unable to continue her role as a people services assistant, Emily found solace and a ray of hope in pottery.


This newfound passion not only brought light into her life during a challenging period but also opened up the possibility of a new career path. Recognizing her potential and the therapeutic value of her craft, mentor Florian Gadsby steps in to guide Emily. He sees an opportunity not just in honing her artistic skills but in shaping a business model that aligns with her lifestyle, offering her a sustainable future through her pottery.


Meanwhile, in Hampshire, upholsterer Hayley is at a pivotal point in her career. With the health of her husband deteriorating due to the physical demands of his plumbing job, the responsibility of supporting her family rests on her shoulders. Hayley possesses the necessary upholstery skills; what she lacks is the strategic direction to expand her business. Mentor Micaela steps in with a vision to elevate Hayley’s craft. She advises Hayley to venture into more bespoke and personalized upholstery work, distinguishing her services in a competitive market. This approach aims not only to grow her business but to create a unique brand identity that stands out.


Over the course of eight weeks, both Emily and Hayley are tasked with implementing the valuable insights and strategies provided by their mentors. This period is crucial as they apply these lessons to their crafts, transforming their artistic talents into viable, profitable businesses.

The challenge lies in balancing their creative instincts with the practicalities of running a business. As they navigate this journey, the question remains: Can they successfully leverage their creativity and passion to build the businesses and lifestyles they aspire to achieve? The journey is not just about business growth but also about personal development and realizing their potential in a way that aligns with their individual needs and aspirations.

Crafting Success: The Journey of Potter Emily and Upholsterer Hayley in “Make It at Market episode 2”

“Make It at Market,” a captivating series showcasing the fusion of creativity and entrepreneurship, dives into the lives of two talented artisans in its second episode, titled “Pottery and Contemporary Upholstery”. This episode presents an inspiring narrative of Potter Emily from Staffordshire and Upholsterer Hayley from Hampshire, highlighting their endeavors to transform their artistic skills into sustainable businesses.

Emily’s Pottery: A Tale of Healing and Entrepreneurship

Brain Injury Recovery Through Pottery

Emily’s journey in Episode 2 of “Make It at Market” is not just a story about pottery; it’s a testament to resilience and the therapeutic power of art. Following a brain injury that left her unable to work, Emily turned to pottery. This craft did more than fill her time; it played a crucial role in her recovery and ignited a spark for a new career path.

Mentorship and Crafting a Business Model

Under the guidance of mentor Florian Gadsby, Emily explores the potential of her craft beyond the wheel and kiln. The focus is on developing a pottery business model that aligns with her lifestyle needs, offering both financial stability and personal fulfillment.

Hayley’s Upholstery: From Skill to Standout Business

The Drive for Business Growth

Hayley’s story, as unfolded in “Make It at Market”, is driven by the necessity to support her family. With her husband’s health at stake, Hayley’s upholstery skills are not just a passion but a lifeline.

Embracing Bespoke: A Unique Business Angle

Mentor Micaela advises Hayley to venture into the realm of bespoke upholstery. This approach not only promises to set her apart in a crowded market but also aligns with the trend of personalized and unique home decor, tapping into the market of contemporary upholstery designs.

The Eight-Week Challenge: Turning Advice into Action

Both Emily and Hayley are given a crucial timeframe of eight weeks to implement the strategies and advice provided by their mentors. This period is pivotal in testing their ability to adapt, innovate, and ultimately realize their dreams of running successful businesses. As seen on “Make It at Market”, this challenge is not only about business acumen but also about personal growth and the journey of transforming artistic talents into profitable ventures.

FAQs: Make It at Market episode 2

Q: How can pottery help in recovery from a brain injury?

A: Pottery can be therapeutic, offering a creative outlet that aids in cognitive and motor skill recovery, as well as providing emotional healing, as seen in Emily’s story.

Q: What makes bespoke upholstery a good business model?

A: Bespoke upholstery allows for unique, personalized designs that cater to individual client tastes, setting a business apart in a competitive market.

Q: What are the key factors for success in turning a craft into a business?

A: Successful craft business development involves combining creativity with practical business strategies, mentor guidance, and adapting to market demands.

In conclusion, the stories of Emily and Hayley in “Make It at Market episode 2” are not only about the transformation of raw materials into beautiful objects but also about the metamorphosis of personal challenges into opportunities. Their journeys offer valuable lessons in craft industry entrepreneurship and the power of mentorship in unlocking the potential of creative talents.

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