Miriam Margolyes – Almost Australian episode 3

Miriam Margolyes - Almost Australian episode 3

Miriam Margolyes – Almost Australian episode 3 : On the final part of her journey, Miriam visits the Gulf of Carpentaria to see where the wealth of the Lucky Country comes from. At the McArthur River Mine, Miriam is taken aback by the enormity and scale of this operation. Miriam can’t help but wonder what happens when the luck runs out. In Borroloola, Miriam meets one of the region’s biggest landholders. Frank’s father bet his life savings on a horse race and used his winnings to buy Seven Emu. However, less than a month ago, the entire place was flattened by a cyclone. Miriam discovers that Frank is cynical about Australia being the Lucky Country.



Miriam arrives in suburban Brisbane, where she meets one of the wealthiest couples in Australia. She visits their wildlife research centre, where they are working to save the koala, which is now on the brink of extinction. Miriam meets a koala that is miraculously free of deadly disease, as is her young joey. This could be great news for the future of this iconic Australian species. The next morning, Miriam joins a group of school strikers protesting climate change outside parliament house. She meets 15-year-old Gina, who asks Miriam to define the term Lucky Country – before offering her own unique perspective that Australia is ‘unlucky’ because ‘as a country, we find change difficult’.



Miriam’s final stop is Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast. Miriam meets an Aussie family and joins their kids as they take part in Nippers, the regular club surf education program for young Australians. The inclusive nature of the beach and the embrace of the ocean for Australians of all ages is, for Miriam, a true signifier of the Lucky Country.

After eight weeks and 10,000 kilometres, Miriam is finally back home in Robertson. Australia, she muses, has been a lucky country indeed for her. Australia, she says, will always be a little bigger and beyond her imagination. But have her experiences left her feeling that she is now more Australian? Well, yes – almost!


Miriam Margolyes – Almost Australian episode 3

The Essence of Mateship: The Cornerstone of Australian Culture

Mateship is an idiom that forms an intrinsic part of Australian culture. This concept, characterized by equality, loyalty, and friendship, is deeply ingrained in the social fabric of Australia and is a pivotal aspect of Australian identity. The term ‘mate’, in Australia, represents more than just a friend. It implies a sense of shared experience, mutual respect, and an unquestioned readiness to lend assistance. Mateship is a bond that exists between equal partners or close friends, and it can also be perceived as an ideal representation of comradeship.

Historical Genesis of Mateship

The concept of mateship is believed to have been born in the colonial era and has been exalted through numerous national experiences such as war and sports. The notion of mateship is often encapsulated in depictions of young men providing unflinching support to each other amidst the most challenging conditions. However, this concept transcends the confines of gender, with women also subscribing to and practicing the principles of mateship.

Mateship: An Emblem of Egalitarianism

Furthermore, mateship is an egalitarian concept, marked by qualities like inventiveness, honesty, humor, bravery, and empathy. It has a significant influence on how Australians respond to crises, whether they are personal struggles, such as health or financial woes, or collective challenges, like natural calamities. In all these circumstances, the spirit of mateship motivates individuals and communities to rally in support of those affected.

Mateship: Transcending Friendship

While some may equate mateship with friendship, others view it as a unique relationship that surpasses the conventional understanding of friendship. The concept of mateship is an important element of both the self-perceptions of Australian males and the broader conceptions Australians hold about their national identity.

The Australian Spirit: Resilience Personified

Imagine the expansive Australian landscape, characterized by relentless deserts, thick rainforests, and vast coastlines. This unforgiving environment has fostered a population renowned for its resilience. This tenacity is deeply embedded in the Australian spirit, developed over generations of dealing with an unpredictable environment.

Take, for example, the 18th-century settlers who transformed a harsh, unknown terrain into a livable land, offering the world a glimpse of the Australian spirit. This legacy continues to reverberate through the Australian ethos today. Resilience isn’t a mere buzzword; it’s woven into the very fabric of the nation.

Mateship: The Heartbeat of the Australian Spirit

Mateship is another cornerstone of the Australian spirit. With its origins rooted in the history of the ANZACs, mateship denotes unwavering camaraderie and mutual support. It’s not simply about friendship; it embodies a deep-seated loyalty that connects Australians, bridging societal gaps.

The idea of mateship has evolved with time, but its core remains steadfast. It’s the shared responsibility during bushfires, the unity during crises, the unyielding support in personal hardships. It’s the enduring commitment of a mate standing by you, no matter what.

The Embrace of Multiculturalism: A Fundamental Aspect of Australian Identity

The Australian spirit is also characterized by its embrace of multiculturalism. Being a nation built by immigrants, Australia is a vibrant melting pot of cultures, each contributing its unique hues to the country’s rich tapestry. This cultural diversity is a source of national pride and reinforces the Australian spirit.

Whether it’s celebrating the Chinese New Year or relishing the aromatic flavors of Indian cuisine, Australians take pride in their multicultural heritage. They appreciate that their differences are what make them stronger, promoting a culture of inclusivity and acceptance. This multicultural ethos has influenced Australia’s global perspective, fostering harmony, respect, and unity.

In conclusion, the Australian spirit is a complex interweaving of resilience, mateship, and multiculturalism. It’s a tribute to the country’s rich history and a lighthouse guiding its future. As we delve further into its depths, one thing is apparent – the Australian spirit, like the land it springs from, is vast and varied.

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