The Repair Shop 2023 episode 13

The Repair Shop 2023 episode 13

The Repair Shop 2023 episode 13 – In the heart of a quaint barn, a whirlwind of nostalgia and restoration comes to life as a series of cherished items from the past are rejuvenated with care and expertise. Among these treasures are a 1960s record player and a flamboyant pair of boots from the 1970s, each with its own unique story and sentimental value. Additionally, a significant painting by Helene de Beauvoir, the sister of renowned French philosopher Simone de Beauvoir, is set to receive a meticulous restoration.


The first guest to enter this magical space is Poppy, a music enthusiast whose passion for vinyl records transcends generational gaps. She brings with her a record player that once belonged to her late grandmother Catherine. This record player is more than just a device; it’s a symbol of the shared musical bond between Poppy and her grandmother. Despite being a millennial, Poppy’s love for 60s music is profound, and she has amassed an impressive vinyl collection. However, with the record player in disrepair, she finds herself unable to indulge in the melodies that evoke fond memories of her grandmother. Recently settling into her first home, Poppy is eager to see the talented Mark Stuckey breathe life back into the turntable, allowing her to reconnect with her nan through the timeless tunes.


Following Poppy is Colin, a barrister with a story that takes us back to his art school days in the 1970s. Despite financial constraints, Colin vividly remembers investing an entire term’s grant in a pair of boots that epitomized his transition into adulthood. These boots, adorned with bright red and yellow hues and distinctive wings, mirror the iconic style once flaunted by Elton John. As Colin approaches retirement, he is keen to recapture the essence of his youthful rebellion. He entrusts the skilled cobbler Dean Westmoreland to restore the boots to their former glory, hoping to rekindle the spirited days of his past.


Next, we meet Rachel, who seeks the expert craftsmanship of Julie Tatchell and Amanda Middleditch. Rachel presents Freddy, a beloved teddy bear that has seen better days. Freddy holds a special place in Rachel’s heart, having been a comforting companion since her childhood. Purchased by her single mother as a replacement for a lost bear during a zoo visit, Freddy has been Rachel’s steadfast friend. The teddy bear specialists face the delightful challenge of restoring Freddy to his original splendor, complete with his furry jacket, braces, and unique bee-patterned underpants.

Finally, the barn welcomes art conservator Lucia Scalisi for a task of historical and emotional significance. Jean-Robert and his daughter Natasha, direct descendants of the artistic de Beauvoir family, bring in a painting by Helene de Beauvoir. This painting, portraying Jean-Robert’s father Alain as a boy, is a cherished family heirloom and the sole image of Jean-Robert’s father from his youth. For Lucia, this project is not just about restoration; it’s about preserving a piece of history and reconnecting a family with its heritage. She embarks on this journey with care, aiming to honor Helene’s original vision and brushstrokes, thus breathing new life into this priceless artwork.

The Repair Shop 2023 episode 13

A 1960s record player and a flamboyant pair of 1970s boots are given a new lease of life. And a painting by artist Helene de Beauvoir, sister of French philosopher Simone de Beauvoir, is also lovingly restored.

First into the barn is music lover Poppy, who is hoping bright spark Mark Stuckey can put the phonic funk back into a record player that once belonged to her late grandmother Catherine. The pair shared a love of music, and despite her millennial age group, Poppy is an avid collector of vinyl from the 60s. But with her nan’s record player broken, she is unable to play the discs. Having recently moved into her own first home, Poppy is now keen for the turntable to spin again so that she can listen to the old tunes that remind her of her nan.

Next to arrive is barrister Colin, with a pair of boots harking back to his younger, more rebellious days. In the 1970s, Colin was an art student with only meagre funds. However, that didn’t prevent him from splashing out an entire term’s grant on the boots that have come to symbolise his first steps into adulthood. Bright red and yellow with wings on either side, the style was also rocked by Elton John in the same era. Now nearing retirement, Colin’s hoping that cobbler Dean Westmoreland can get the boots groovy again so that he can relive the exciting days of his youth.

Next, Rachel is seeking the expert skills of Julie Tatchell and Amanda Middleditch. Rachel has brought a teddy named Freddy that is looking rather worse for wear. He was purchased by Rachel’s mum – a single mother – when she was a toddler as a replacement for another bear she had lost on a visit to the zoo. Freddy turned out to be a very welcome replacement, with Rachel holding him dear ever since. It’s an interesting job for the teddy bear ladies, who need to replicate Freddy’s original furry jacket, braces and bee-patterned underpants!

Next in the frame is art conservator Lucia Scalisi, who is tasked with a conservation of historical importance. Owner Jean-Robert and his daughter Natasha are from the same family as French artist Helene de Beauvoir and her older sister, the famous philosopher Simone. They have brought a painting that Helene created of her nephew Alain, Jean-Robert’s dad. It’s the only picture he has of his father as a boy and therefore holds great significance for him. It’s a labour of love for Lucia to follow Helene’s brush strokes to recreate the artwork.

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