Antiques Roadshow 2024 – Pollok Country Park, Glasgow 2

Antiques Roadshow 2024 - Pollok Country Park, Glasgow 2

Antiques Roadshow 2024 – Pollok Country Park, Glasgow 2 – The upcoming roadshow, originating from Glasgow’s most expansive green space, Pollok Country Park, promises to be a remarkable event. Visitors will have the unique opportunity to witness an array of fascinating finds, including an eclectic collection of clothes designed by the renowned fashion icon Alexander McQueen. Additionally, the show will feature a historic telescope that has played a significant role in the field of early astronomical exploration, along with exquisite silver treasures that were once integral to an ancient royal ritual.


Expert Ronnie Archer Morgan will be presenting a small yet profoundly impactful sculpture, drawing the attention of art enthusiasts. Simultaneously, Marc Allum’s segment promises to captivate audiences as he evaluates an important telescope, delving into its historical significance in the realm of astronomy.



Adding to the excitement, Hilary Kay’s segment will focus on sporting memorabilia directly linked to the Hibernian football club. Her astonishment is palpable as she unveils an extensive and rare collection of garments by the late, great fashion designer Alexander McQueen, whose passing in 2010 left a significant impact on the fashion world.

Mark Smith offers a poignant and moving segment, showcasing a serviceman’s photographs that depict the devastating aftermath of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima during the Second World War. These images not only capture a moment in history but also convey the profound effects of war.

Lastly, Gordon Foster brings excitement to the show with his examination of several pieces of silver, each connected to an ancient and ongoing royal ritual. Among these artifacts is a vessel once used to wash the hands of the monarch. This segment is anticipated to result in one of the highest valuations of the current series, adding a touch of royal intrigue to the event.

Exploring the Treasures of Pollok Country Park: A Glimpse into Antiques Roadshow 2024

Unveiling the Beauty of Pollok Country Park, Glasgow

Nestled in the heart of Glasgow, Pollok Country Park stands as the city’s largest green space and a historical gem. This majestic park not only offers a serene escape from urban life but also serves as a vibrant venue for various events, including the much-anticipated Antiques Roadshow 2024.

The Historic Pollok House and Its Role in the Antiques Roadshow

The Pollok House, a significant part of the park’s landscape, adds a touch of elegance and history. It’s no surprise that this location was chosen for the BBC Antiques Roadshow, a testament to its cultural and historical significance.

The Antiques Roadshow 2024: A Cultural Feast

The BBC Antiques Roadshow, gearing up for its 2024 edition, is more than just a television show. It’s a celebration of history, art, and personal stories, bringing together people from all walks of life to share their cherished possessions and learn about their historical value.

A Glimpse into the Filming at Pollok Country Park

The filming at Pollok Country Park brings an exciting buzz to the city, attracting enthusiasts and curious spectators alike. This event provides a unique opportunity for the public to witness the behind-the-scenes magic of this iconic series.

Celebrating the Treasures of Glasgow

Glasgow’s rich history is often reflected in the items showcased at the Roadshow. From rare clothing by Alexander McQueen to artifacts linked to important historical events, each piece tells a unique story of Glasgow’s past.

Frequently Asked Questions – Antiques Roadshow 2024 – Pollok Country Park, Glasgow 2

What can visitors expect at the Antiques Roadshow in Pollok Country Park?

Visitors can expect to see a diverse array of antiques, from rare fashion items to historical artifacts, and even get a chance to witness live appraisals by experts.

How can one participate in the Antiques Roadshow at Pollok Country Park?

Interested individuals can keep an eye on announcements for ticket releases or attend as spectators to experience the event.

Is Pollok Country Park only known for hosting the Antiques Roadshow?

No, Pollok Country Park is known for its scenic beauty, historical significance, and a variety of events throughout the year, making it a beloved spot for locals and tourists.

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