Make It at Market episode 3

Make It at Market episode 3

Make It at Market episode 3 – In today’s transformative journey, Dom and his team of experienced mentors are set to guide two aspiring individuals, Des and Emily, as they embark on new career paths. Des, a former teacher, turned to the art of willow weaving following a challenging incident that led to his early retirement due to ill health.


This craft has not only become a therapeutic outlet for Des but also a potential second career. As a family man with a wife, three children, and a loyal dog to support, the stakes are high for him to succeed in this newfound profession. His mentor, Eddie, sees great potential in Des’s skills but recognizes the need for a focused strategy to enhance his business prospects and ensure sustainable growth.


On the other side, we meet Emily, a talented stained-glass artist. After dedicating time to raising her children, Emily is ready to re-enter the workforce and contribute to her family’s finances. However, her journey is clouded by self-doubt, stemming from a lack of formal training in her art, which makes her feel like an outsider in the professional world.

Emily hopes that with the guidance and expertise of her mentor, Derek, she will not only refine her skills but also build the much-needed confidence to launch and grow a successful business in the competitive world of stained-glass artistry.

Over the course of eight weeks, both Des and Emily will be closely following the advice and tailored strategies provided by their mentors. This period is crucial for them as they apply learned techniques and business acumen to turn their passions into profitable ventures. The ultimate goal for both aspiring entrepreneurs is to generate sufficient income from their crafts to support their families comfortably. The question remains: Can they leverage their mentorship experience to transform their hobbies into thriving businesses that provide for their loved ones?

Make It at Market episode 3 – The Journey of Willow Weaver Des and Stained-Glass Artist Emily

Make It at Market, an enthralling and detailed documentary series, delves deep into the rich and diverse world of artisanal crafts. It’s a journey that brings to light the inspiring and heartwarming stories of individuals such as Des and Emily, who are fervently embarking on a quest to turn their deep-seated passions into sustainable and fulfilling careers. In the captivating third episode of the second season, entitled “Willow Weaving and Stained Glass,” the series particularly shines.

This episode beautifully showcases the intricate challenges and the triumphant moments encountered by these two dedicated and aspiring artisans. Through their journey, viewers are treated to a behind-the-scenes look at the artistry and dedication required to master these ancient crafts, making it an episode that stands out for its depth, insight, and inspirational value.

Embracing a New Path: The Story of Des

From Teaching to Willow Weaving

Des, who had spent years as a dedicated teacher, encountered an unexpected turn in his life’s path when an unforeseen incident precipitated his early retirement. It was during this pivotal period that he discovered a deep-seated passion for the traditional craft of willow weaving. This profound transition, poignantly captured in the BBC’s documentary series Make It at Market, offers viewers a detailed and intimate look at Des’s journey from the structured world of education to the creative and intricate realm of artisanal willow weaving.

His story, richly woven with threads of perseverance and resilience, is much more than a mere career shift. It represents a significant transformation in his life, embodying powerful themes of overcoming life’s unexpected challenges and personal growth. Through the lens of the documentary, we see Des not only mastering a new art form but also rediscovering himself, redefining his purpose, and embracing a new chapter with enthusiasm and skill.

Mentorship and Skill Development

Guided by the expert hand of his mentor Eddie, Des embarks on a transformative journey to refine and perfect his artistic abilities in willow weaving. This mentorship, more than just a learning experience, becomes a pivotal chapter in Des’s life, providing him with the necessary tools and insights to channel his efforts more effectively and creatively. Eddie, with his wealth of experience and deep understanding of the craft, plays a crucial role in nurturing Des’s budding talent.

Their interactions highlight the significance of skillful mentoring in the development of artistic skills, showcasing how invaluable guidance and knowledge transfer are for anyone aspiring to make a mark in the world of willow weaving. This mentorship is not only about mastering the techniques but also about understanding the nuances and the soul of the craft, making it a cornerstone for Des’s growth and success in his new career path.

Overcoming Self-Doubt: Emily’s Artistic Journey

Tackling Impostor Syndrome

Emily, a remarkably talented stained-glass artist, confronts a unique array of challenges that test her resolve and skill. Having taken a significant break from her craft to focus on raising her children, she makes a determined return to her art with a renewed sense of purpose: to contribute meaningfully to her family’s financial stability. Yet, despite her innate talent and creativity, Emily finds herself wrestling with the shadows of impostor syndrome. This struggle primarily stems from her lack of formal training in the field, leaving her to question her legitimacy and value in the professional art world.

This poignant aspect of her journey, which is thoughtfully highlighted in the second season’s third episode of Make It at Market, strikes a chord with many in the creative professions. It encapsulates a familiar narrative where talented individuals often grapple with self-doubt, especially in the absence of formal education or traditional qualifications. Emily’s story is not just about her artistic endeavors, but it also delves into the emotional and psychological journey of an artist seeking validation and recognition in a competitive field, resonating deeply with viewers who find themselves in similar situations.

The Role of Mentorship

With the help of her mentor Derek, Emily seeks not only to refine her craft but also to build the confidence necessary for a successful business. This storyline in the Make It at Market series underscores the importance of mentorship guidance in artistic confidence building, especially for those undergoing a career change.

The Impact of “Make It at Market”

“Make It at Market” goes beyond being a mere television show; it’s a platform that showcases the power of handcrafted artistry and the impact of skillful mentoring. Each episode, especially Willow Weaving and Stained Glass, serves as a testament to the dedication and hard work required to excel in crafting careers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can anyone learn willow weaving or stained-glass artistry?

Absolutely. With dedication and the right guidance, anyone can develop skills in these crafts. Formal training is beneficial but not a necessity.

Q2: How important is mentorship in mastering a craft?

Mentorship plays a crucial role. It provides personalized guidance, accelerates learning, and helps in overcoming self-doubt.

Q3: Is it feasible to turn a craft into a sustainable career?

Yes, many artisans successfully turn their passion into a livelihood. It requires skill, business acumen, and often, mentorship to navigate the market successfully.

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