Celebrity Race Across the World 2023 episode 1

Celebrity Race Across the World 2023 episode 1

Celebrity Race Across the World 2023 episode 1 – The beloved BBC series, Race Across the World, is making an exhilarating return, and this season it’s not just any ordinary race – it comes with an unexpected twist. For the first time in the show’s illustrious history, celebrities are gearing up to undertake the formidable challenge set by this Bafta-winning format. In this new and thrilling chapter, four celebrated individuals will bravely say goodbye to their comfortable and luxurious lifestyles to embark upon a monumental 10,000km race that spans from the vibrant landscapes of Africa all the way to the icy stretches of the Arctic. Leaving behind the conveniences of modern life, such as lavish travel arrangements, advanced smartphones, and unrestricted access to credit cards, they will experience the art of traveling on a constrained budget, just like the contestants in the regular series.



Navigating the same unexpected hardships, unpredictable twists, and dramatic turns as the original series, the celebrities will venture into unfamiliar territories and face unforeseen challenges, bringing a fresh and exciting dimension to the show. Despite the difficulties that lie ahead, the allure of the race’s exhilarating rewards remains unchanged.



Amidst the adventure, the celebrities will not be alone. Providing invaluable support and companionship throughout this arduous journey will be their trusted family members, who will accompany them every step of the way. Ready to take on the globe are McFly drummer, Harry Judd, and his devoted mum, Emma, British racing driver and sports pundit Billy Monger, joined by his sister, Bonny. Joining them are the talented singer-songwriter Mel Blatt with her mother, Helene, and the esteemed broadcaster Alex Beresford, alongside his father, Noel.



Together, they will traverse through various countries, experience diverse cultures, and navigate the complexities of international travel, all while racing against time and each other in the hope of emerging as the triumphant victors of this incredible global race. The adventure unfolds, filled with anticipation and excitement, as viewers around the world eagerly await to see who will conquer the challenging expedition in the latest season of Race Across the World.



Celebrity Race Across the World 2023 episode 1



An Overview of the Hit Travel Show and Its New Celebrity Twist

The wildly popular BBC travel series Race Across the World is returning for another exciting season. But this time, there’s a big twist – celebrities will be taking on the intense challenge of racing across the globe on a tight budget. Four famous faces will leave behind their comfortable lives and embark on an epic 10,000 km journey from Africa to the Arctic Circle.

With no access to smartphones, credit cards, or luxury accommodations, the celebrity duos will face the same grueling hurdles and unexpected surprises that have thrilled audiences in past seasons. Travelling in pairs with a trusted family member, their wit, resilience and relationships will be tested like never before.

So who exactly is daring enough to take on Race Across the World’s most terrifying edition yet? And what awe-inspiring destinations will they struggle and triumph through along the way? Let’s take a closer look at the celebrity cast and what lies ahead on their monumental quest.


Introducing the Celebrity Cast and Teams

This season’s celebrity racers form two parent-child duos, each hoping their tight family ties will help them make it across the finish line.


Drummer Harry Judd and Mother Emma Brace for the Adventure of a Lifetime

As the drummer for the wildly popular band McFly, Harry Judd is used to Sold-out arenas and throngs of screaming fans. But now he’s embarking on a challenging new adventure alongside his loving mother, Emma.

Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2018, Emma refuses to let her condition stop her from experiencing the thrill of a lifetime. Harry hopes their unbreakable mother-son bond will help them overcome any obstacle encountered on the road. And with Harry’s fierce competitive drive combined with Emma’s determination, this pair is in it to win it.


Billy Monger and Sister Bonny: An Unstoppable Sibling Duo

British racing car driver Billy Monger suffered a horrific crash in 2017 that resulted in the amputation of both his legs. But he refused to let his disability stop him from pursuing his dreams. Inspired by his courageous journey, younger sister Bonny jumped at the chance to experience a true adventure alongside her heroic brother.

As Billy pushes his endurance to the limits, Bonny will provide the emotional support and encouragement needed to help him cross the finish line. Having tackled diversity all his life, Billy brings a resilient mindset coupled with Bonny’s compassion. This sibling power team plans to take on Race Across the World with fortitude and heart.


The Epic Route From Rural Africa to the Arctic Circle

Traditionally, Race Across the World contestants start in bustling, modern cities before navigating their way through remote towns and regions. But this season, producers decided to up the ante by launching the journey deep in the African wilderness.


Roughing it in Rural Africa

Dropped in the middle of Tanzania, our celebs will have to use their wits to find passage north while adjusting to scorching heat, sparse accommodations, and unforgiving landscapes. Lacking access to modern transport and amenities, they’ll need to barter with locals and think creatively to traverse through Zambia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and beyond.

Physical endurance will be pushed to the limits through these developing nations. But the bonds between travelling companions will be strengthened, as they learn to rely on help from friendly strangers and each other.


Northern Europe and the Arctic Circle

Assuming our celebrities make it past language barriers and manage to safely cross the Mediterranean, they’ll eventually arrive in Europe. Lofty mountain ranges, glittering Nordic cities, and vast tundra awaits them as they make their way north to the treacherous Arctic.

They’ll have to bundle up and brave freezing temperatures and 24 hours of darkness. Without smartphones or credit cards, finding affordable shelter and transport won’t be easy. Our celebs will need every bit of stamina and teamwork they can muster to conquer the harsh final leg of this expedition.


The Spectacular Finish Line

The exact finish line is kept secret until the end to prevent contestants from bee-lining towards it. But we do know it will be somewhere within the Arctic Circle in Scandinavia. Imagining our travel-weary celebrities arriving at some remote, frigid destination – like Iceland’s northern peninsula – is sure to make for an unforgettable final moment.


Unique Challenges Celebrities Can Expect to Face

While the basic premise of Race Across the World remains unchanged, sending celebrities on the quest comes with its own set of unique hurdles. Accustomed to first-class treatment, they’ll struggle to rough it with the basics. Additional challenges include:


Blending in Anonymously

Part of this show’s charm comes from contestants immersing themselves in local cultures and making human connections along their route. But as recognizable figures, our celebrities will have a harder time blending in anonymously. Locals will be more likely to spot them, which could hinder their progress. They’ll need to keep a low profile and hide their star status.


Avoiding Danger Zones

Navigating risky territories riddled with crime, civil unrest and corruption will be especially dicey for famous faces. Resorts and private tours won’t be an option for avoiding dicey situations. Keeping their wits about them and avoiding any clashes with authorities will be key.


Tolerating Discomfort

Rugged activities like camping, hitchhiking, and scrimping on meals may come as a big shock. Contestants used to pampering and cushy lifestyles will struggle to tolerate unsanitary conditions, bland diets, and physical exhaustion day after day. It will push their mental and physical limits.


Missing Creature Comforts

No smartphones, internet, private cars, or assistants to rely on. Our celebs will crave the ability to easily call loved ones back home, post pics of their travels online, or just veg out streaming movies in their downtime. Giving up non-stop stimulation and entertainment may drive some stir-crazy.


Facing Judgment for “Slumming it”

Some fans may see celebrities roughing it for entertainment as exploitative or insensitive. They’ll need to be thoughtful about how their privilege impacts their experience compared to locals living in poverty. Treading carefully to avoid accusations of slum tourism will require cultural awareness.


Meet the Teams Ready to Conquer Celebrity Race Across the World

Now that we’ve covered the show’s concept and challenges, let’s take a closer look at the parent-child duos ready to take the race by storm. Understanding their backgrounds and motivations will help us appreciate the distinct strengths they bring to this journey.


Mother-Son Superstars Emma and Harry Judd

As matriarch of the famous Judd clan, Emma has always been the calm, supportive force keeping everyone together. She continued showing up for her family even after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2011.

Her inspiring perseverance through adversity motivated son Harry’s ongoing charity work to raise awareness and funds for MS research. Harry’s grateful for his mother’s unconditional love and wants to repay the favor with this life-changing adventure.

Emma’s no-nonsense resilience coupled with Harry’s fierce competitiveness make them a power duo to watch out for. Though Harry’s athleticism may give him an edge in difficult physical challenges, Emma’s cautious nature and practical outlook will prevent them from taking unnecessary risks.

Working cooperatively, this mother-son team feels ready to take on any surprises the race throws their way. Their unbreakable bond and determination to live life to the fullest despite MS will surely resonate with viewers.


Bonny and Billy Monger: Siblings and Best Friends Conquering Adversity

Bonny Monger adores her older brother Billy and has admired his strength and bravery since the accident that changed his life forever. Only 18 years old when he lost both legs in a devastating crash, Billy refused to let his disability crush his dreams of racing. His perseverance inspired Bonny to become his biggest cheerleader.

As Billy re-learned to walk and drive using prosthetic legs, Bonny was awed by his resilience. When the chance to join Race Across the World arose, she saw it as the perfect opportunity to repay his years of support and motivate him towards new horizons.

Bonny’s sunny optimism and tendency to see solutions rather than obstacles complement Billy’s courageous mindset beautifully. He’ll astound viewers by taking on incredibly grueling physical challenges without letting pain or exhaustion break his steely focus. Bonny will supply the encouragement and comfort needed to lift his spirits when doubt creeps in.

Working together, the Mongers exemplify how devotion between siblings helps turn adversity into advantage. Backed by their unbreakable bond, this pair seems ready to overcome any barrier crossing their path.


Mel Blatt and Helene Blatt: From 1990s Pop Star to Outdoorsy Adventure Seeker

As a key member of 90s British pop group All Saints, Mel Blatt was known for her edgy style, vocal talents, and non-stop jet-setting lifestyle. But now in her late 40s, Mel is ready for an entirely different challenge – swapping creature comforts for the rugged outdoors.

Joining her on this quest is mother Helene, who can’t wait to ditch the daily grind and experience exotic locales. Their relationship hasn’t always been easy. Mel’s skyrocketing career as a teenager led to resentment. But this race offers a chance to strengthen their bond and create priceless new memories together.

Despite seeming like an unlikely pairing, Mel’s fiercely competitive nature complements her mother’s cautious but determined spirit. And though Mel is used to a posh pop star lifestyle, years of touring have made her resilient and resourceful when forced outside her comfort zone. Both she and Helene are tougher than they appear and raring for an adventure of a lifetime.


Noel and Alex Beresford: A Father-Son Team With Unique Strengths

British news presenter Alex Beresford has tackled plenty of challenges in his broadcasting career. But travelling off the grid through remote terrain with his father Noel promises to be his most daunting test yet. After living in the UK since emigrating from Guyana as a teen, Noel is eager to bring Alex to where his roots began.

Their relationship has weathered ups and downs over the years. But Alex’s success as Britain’s first black weather presenter on national television has made Noel extremely proud. They both see Race Across the World as a chance to bond over their shared cultural heritage and survive using Noel’s resourcefulness combined with Alex’s poise under pressure.

Noel’s guidance and street smarts complement his son’s quick thinking and charm. And while Alex is used to cushioned TV studio environments, Noel’s familiarity with hardship means he can handle roughing it across rigorous landscapes. Together, the Beresfords bring a unique cultural perspective that’s sure to resonate with viewers.


The Thrill of a Lifetime Awaits Our Celebrity Adventurers

As the start date of this monumental race grows near, fans around the globe wait with bated breath to see how our celebrity duos fare. One thing is certain – navigating across multiple continents fueled only by resourcefulness, courage, and each other will push them to their limits.

But the sheer thrill of experiencing spectacular landscapes, exotic cultures, and untouched wilderness promises to make every grueling step worthwhile. Along their 10,000 km route filled with chaos, struggles, beauty and wonder, they’ll forge bonds more unbreakable than ever before.

At the end of their unmatched journey, whether they win or lose, our celebs are sure to have gained resilient spirits, lifetime memories, and a hard-earned new perspective. We at home will become invested in their stories, providing virtual cheerleading across every step.

Let the race begin! Celebrity or not, the competitors of Race Across the World Season 3 prove that with belief in yourself and loved ones at your side, you can achieve more than you ever dreamed possible. No obstacle is too vast when tackled together.


Frequently Asked Questions


When is Celebrity Race Across the World 2023 released?

Celebrity Race Across the World is expected to premiere in September 2023 on BBC One.


Who are the contestants on Celebrity Race Across the World 2023?

The celebrity contestants are:
– Drummer Harry Judd and his mother Emma
– British racing driver Billy Monger and his sister Bonny
– Singer Mel Blatt and her mother Helene
– TV presenter Alex Beresford and his father Noel


Where does Celebrity Race Across the World 2023 start and finish?

The race begins deep in the African wilderness of Tanzania. The finish line is a secret location somewhere inside the Arctic Circle in Scandinavia.


What challenges do the contestants face on Celebrity Race Across the World 2023?

Contestants face challenges including: brutally hot conditions in Africa, scarce food/shelter, blending in anonymously, avoiding dangerous areas, discomfort from camping/hitchhiking, lack of modern amenities, and judgment for “slumming it”. The Arctic brings numbingly cold weather and 24 hours of darkness.


Who is the host of Celebrity Race Across the World 2023?

There is no host for Race Across the World. It features voiceovers explaining each leg of the race, but the celebrities must rely on their own navigation skills to reach the finish line.


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