Celebrity Race Across the World 2023 episode 2

Celebrity Race Across the World 2023 episode 2

Celebrity Race Across the World 2023 episode 2 – The exhilarating race to Tromsø has officially commenced. Embarking from the quaint town of Pinhão, cradled within the verdant slopes of Portugal’s renowned Douro Valley, four intrepid pairs brace themselves for an unforgettable 2,000km journey. Their route will guide them through the panoramic landscapes of Spain and France before reaching the second checkpoint situated in the picturesque Bonifacio, beautifully perched on the breath-taking island of Corsica. In this grand adventure, the participating teams include the talented McFly drummer, Harry Judd, alongside his supportive mother, Emma. Joining them are the acclaimed British racing driver and expert commentator, Billy Monger, with his caring sister, Bonny. Mel Blatt, the renowned All Saints singer and songwriter, embarks on this expedition with her mother, Helene. Completing the lineup is the esteemed broadcaster and weatherman, Alex Beresford, paired with his father, Noel.



These notable individuals, who are generally surrounded by the opulence and predictability of structured travel, will be trading their comfort for a thrilling test of resilience and adaptability. Stripped of their digital devices, internet connectivity, and the convenience of credit cards, they face the challenge of navigating this expansive journey with only a limited budget at their disposal. This financial constraint mirrors the amount it would ordinarily cost to traverse the route by air, ensuring a journey filled with inventiveness and resourcefulness.



In this exciting escapade, there is no room for the luxury and privileges that these individuals are accustomed to. The illustrious race promises to be just as demanding, rigorous, and full of unexpected hurdles as the regular series, reaffirming that on the road to Tromsø, every participant is on equal footing, and the ultimate victory will be a testament to tenacity, strategic planning, and unyielding spirit.


Celebrity Race Across the World 2023 episode 2 – Race Underway as Celebs Journey from Pinhão to Bonifacio


The race to Tromsø is heating up as our intrepid celebrities make their way from the Douro Valley to the island of Corsica. Stripped of their luxuries, they must rely on their wits, stamina and limited funds to reach the next checkpoint over 2,000km away.


Leaving Pinhão, Portugal Behind

Tucked amongst the rolling hills of the UNESCO-protected Douro Valley, Pinhão provided a picturesque start to the second leg of the race. This modest riverside town is best known for its port wine production, which pairs beautifully with the region’s terraced vineyards and quaint architecture.

Our celebrities had a chance to rest up in Pinhão after conquering the first leg from Faro to the Douro Valley. However, they couldn’t get too comfortable before resuming their frantic push northward. While Pinhão charmed with its romantic scenery, our racers now faced a grueling trek covering the entire length of Spain just to reach France. With no flights, trains or other conveniences at their disposal, they’d have to hoof it using any transportation available. This leg of the race would test both physical endurance and mental toughness as the reality of budget travel set in.


Plotting the Optimal Route

Upon leaving the Douro Valley, our teams had several route options to consider. Should they risk the most direct path along the coast? Or take safer but slower detours inland? The coastal route could save hundreds of kilometers via Spain’s northern seaboard. However, our celebs would risk getting stranded with limited transport options.

Heading inland opens access to major highways and railways traversing Spain. However, travel times could be significantly longer. This dilemma forced our racers to make careful trade-offs between efficiency and reliability. There is no singular “best” route choice. Each option balances risks and rewards differently. Our cerebral celebs did their homework, weighing variables like weather, logistics, and geography to inform their decision. Ultimately, the detour through Spain’s interior seemed the most prudent. Sticking to major transit arteries increased the odds of catching rides, trains or buses. And the shorter distance trumped potential delays from sparse coastal transport.


Acclimating to Public Transportation

Hopping aboard crowded buses, trains and share rides for endless hours is not glamorous. But it epitomizes budget travel, making up the backbone of this leg. Our pampered celebrities struggled to adjust to the unpredictability of public transit. Tight connections, delays, cramped seating and intermittent WiFi quickly frayed nerves. However, these shared rides also created camaraderie with fellow travelers. Locals were happy to swap stories, recommend sites along the route, and share their snacks.

Public transportation forced teams to ditch their carefully plotted schedules. Travel times were at the mercy of the weather, traffic, and vehicle breakdowns. Remaining flexible and seeking backup plans became critical. This part of the race tested our celebs’ patience and composure. Keeping frustration in check and avoiding heated arguments was key to making progress. Teams able to roll with the punches had an advantage.


Bonding Through Backpacking

This leg has quickly taught our celebs the basics of backpacking through Europe. Hostels, overnight buses, crowded trains, and hitchhiking are now the norm. Sharing close quarters created quality bonding time for our parent-child teams. Those long moments stuck in transit fostered deeper conversations and connections. The pairs also found camaraderie backpacking alongside fellow racers in parallel tracks. They recounted travel war stories at hostel bars after 15-hour bus rides.

And they formed alliances, sharing tips about cheap tickets, hostel vacancies, or transportation hacks. This esprit de corps has kept spirits high despite the physical toll of nonstop travel. Through the shared hardship of budget travel, celebrity status has faded. It’s been replaced by a growing sense of adventure and independence none have experienced before.


Frugality: The Backpacker’s Mindset

Saving every possible Euro is now our celebs’ obsession. With a tight budget for this leg, scrimping and haggling has become necessary. They’ve embraced the backpacker mindset of thriftiness, rooming in dorms, sleeping in airports and buses, and surviving on cheap packaged food. Paying 10 Euros for a bed rather than 100 for a hotel room is a point of pride.

But balancing frugality with safety is crucial. Attempting overly ambitious legs to save money can backfire if teams get stranded. Pitstops offering good rest are well worth the expense. This race has instilled resourcefulness too. Our celebs have learned to wash clothes in hostel sinks, share transport fares, and find free activities and sightseeing. Creativity with minimal funds is a must. While undeniably grueling, scraping by on a shoestring has given this journey a gritty authenticity for our celebs. They are connecting with travel in its rawest, most unfiltered form.


Adapting to Unpredictable Weather

The variable weather across northern Spain has added an extra challenge for racers. Sunny skies can quickly give way to torrential rain, fog, or blustery winds. This unpredictability has made securing transportation and lodging more difficult. Inclement weather can lead to cancellations, closures, and traffic issues. Occasional storms have left teams fighting through cold, wet conditions for hours. But the sun breaking through again always lifts dampened spirits.

Checking forecasts and packing suitable clothing has been crucial. Our celebs have learned to layer up when a storm rolls in and shed layers as the sun returns. Flexibility is key. The race’s tight budget allows little room for falling ill or getting injured. Staying healthy by keeping nourished, hydrated and warm has required vigilance. But the camaraderie of overcoming shared obstacles persisted. Our intrepid duos took shelter under bus stop awnings together during fierce downpours, only to emerge all smiles when the rain stopped.


Appreciating Diverse Spanish Architecture

The long slog through Spain has offered contrasting scenery, shifting from verdant hills to arid plains to craggy mountains. But one constant has been historic architecture. Our celebs soaked up classic Roman aqueducts in Segovia and Grenada’s grand Moorish palace, the Alhambra. These millennia-old structures offered awe-inspiring respite from their hectic pace. The architectural diversity reflects the cultural fusions underpinning unique Spanish identity. Indigenous, Roman, Muslim, Gothic, and Art Nouveau styles dot every city.

Backpacking has given our racers time to wander winding alleys and linger in lively plazas surrounded by architectural marvels. From Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter to the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, hands-on cultural immersion has been a journey highlight. But with a race to run, they couldn’t admire these sights for long. Each team ensured some brief exploration got woven into efficient travel.


Testing Mettle with Long Overnight Transit

The exhausting middle stretch of this leg through Spain’s interior saw our celebs facing endless overnight bus, train, and car rides. With lodging deemed too expensive, they frequently slept in transit. Cramped, upright sleeping on rumbling buses tested mental fortitude. But teams persevered, rotating napping so one member was always awake for critical stops and transfers. Occasional overnight ferries granted the gift of lying flat in a reclining seat or sleeper car. But these fleeting comforts proved the exception on this bare-bones journey.

Multi-day stretches getting minimal shuteye and living out of a backpack have worn down even the hardiest of celebs. The cumulative fatigue took a toll. But the camaraderie with locals and fellow nomads on these overnight trips kept spirits lifted. And the destination city edging closer with each arrival renewed motivation. This nonstop transit across Spain stands as a rite of passage. Our celebs have proven their resilience and grit via this grueling passage.


Adapting to Sporadic WiFi Access

Lack of consistent internet access whilst backpacking came as another frustration. Our celebs were forced to ditch reliance on smartphones and apps. WiFi at hostels, cafés, and transit hubs came in fits and starts.Downloading offline maps, securing hard copy tickets, and calling lodging ahead became the norm. This intermittent connectivity required tactical planning. Teams had to jot down instructions, sync routes, and coordinate timing whenever WiFi appeared.

Out of their element without Google Maps and instant answers, emotions occasionally flared. But slowing down ultimately helped celebs appreciate the journey more. Enjoying in-person conversations, admiring the passing scenery, and disconnecting from social media offered surprising perks amidst this digital detox. By relinquishing their grip on technology, our celebs tapped into the liberating feeling of wandering where the day takes you.


Reveling in Street Markets and Local Eats

Between cramped transit, our celebs found succor in Spain’s vibrant street markets and mouthwatering cuisine. The seas of colorful produce, aromatic spices, and tantalizing food stalls provided pure sensory overload. Our teams gratefully traded packaged snacks for heaping plates of tapas, paella, and pintxos. When funds were low, fresh fruit and baked goods from the markets kept stomachs full and spirits high. Food became a delightful lens into each region’s history and character.

Getting lost wandering mazes of stalls, sampling new flavors, and connecting with vendors offered much-needed cultural immersion. For brief moments, the race stood still. But with the clock always ticking, our duos had to tear themselves away all too soon from these bastions of local life. Yet the memories – and full bellies – linger.


Taking in Scenic Spanish Coastlines

Though largely trekking inland, our celebs did enjoy some stretches along Spain’s picturesque coasts. These ocean vistas provided well-earned respite from the hectic navigation inland. In lively Barcelona, teams soaked up the eclectic architecture and breezy seaside cafes of the Barceloneta district. Further north, they marveled at the cliffs and coves of the rugged Costa Brava. Coastal trains winding past turquoise bays and tiny fishing villages offered a chance to rest weary legs. Relaxing ocean views swept stress away, if only temporarily.

When funds allowed, celebs lingered beachside to enjoy grilled seafood, warm sun and swimming in the gentle waves. These rejuvenating coastal pit stops replenished energy reserves for the journey ahead. But they couldn’t stray off track for long. The countdown timer necessitated resuming the northwestern push toward France. But the sun, sand and surf provided soothing memories.


Embracing Humbling Hitchhiking Experiences

When public transportation options were sparse, our celebs had to swallow their pride and turn to hitchhiking. Thumbing rides from passing strangers became essential at times. These humble experiences provided awkwards moments but also unexpected connections. Hearty conversations, travel tips and impromptu friendships blossomed during shared rides. Locals were eager to lend a hand, freely offering food, encouragement and insight into their hometowns. Our celebs expressed profound gratitude for these random acts of kindness.

Hitchhiking underscored the universality of human generosity that often emerges in trying times. Help arrives when needed most, even from the unlikeliest Samaritans. Blending into the landscape and literally going with the flow built character. Celebrity status no longer mattered – our racers were just fellow wanderers. This uncomfortable yet freeing way of travel opened minds and touched hearts. Hitchhiking gave our celebs invaluable perspective.


Finding Motivation During Grinding Transit Days

Morale inevitably lagged during endless days stuck in transit across the barren Spanish plains. As towns blurred together, positivity waned. Physically drained, saddle-sore and fed up with packaged snacks, our celebs struggled to find motivation during these grinding periods. But cracking jokes, reminiscing over photos, planning dream stops for future family trips or simply gazing out the window together rejuvenated spirits. The emotional support these pairs provided each other proved more valuable than external luxuries. Their enduring teamwork and communication kept cynicism at bay.

Sharing this once-in-a-lifetime adventure created joyful memories that will outlast any transit tribulations. Appreciating small moments and milestones marked progress. When negativity arose, teams reflected on how fortunate they were to have this opportunity amidst life’s routine. Focus shifted to gratitude, propelling them forward.


Exhilaration of Border Crossings into France

That first border crossing into France marked a pivotal milestone. Though still far from the Bonifacio finish line, our celebs had conquered the entire Iberian Peninsula using just their wits and stamina. Emotions overflowed at this moment – joy, pride, relief, and nostalgia for the memories made in Spain. Teams celebrated with hugs, cheers and plenty of photos to commemorate the achievement. Crossing into France symbolized shedding one phase of the race and entering the next. Our duos felt renewed motivation to keep pushing through the final stretch.

The French leg of the journey also brought easier communication since English fluency is high here. This lifted a burden off our celebs after relying on gestures in rural Spain. While tougher terrain awaited along the Riviera and Alps, France marked a mental turning point. The finish line at last seemed within reach, turbocharging our teams.


Appreciating Diverse French Landscapes

Just as Spanish scenery shifted dramatically, the route through France provided its own startling contrasts. From fertile farmland to craggy gorges to snowy peaks, diversity abounded. In Provence, fragrant lavender fields and rustic vineyards offered serene vistas after congested Barcelona. The journey north brought more vertiginous terrain, with Alpine chalets nestled between soaring summits. Coastal roads provided the most stunning scenery of all. Our celebs gasped as the azure waters of the Côte d’Azur came into view, marveling at its raw beauty.

Each landscape revealed its unique charms at just the right moment. Our weary celebs found motivation and energy soaking up beautiful new panoramas around each bend. The natural wonders en route reaffirmed the fundamental joys of traveling: adaptability, wonderment, and deepening connections to places and people.


Reveling in Local Markets and Cuisines

If Spanish fare tantalized their taste buds, France took it to the next level. Markets overflowing with bread, cheese, Mediterranean seafood and pastries stopped our celebs in their tracks. Strolling open-air markets, sampling wines at cozy cafés and lingering over multicourse dinners brought comforting rhythms amidst the race. Tucking into hearty cassoulet stew in Toulouse, buttery crepes in Brittany and bouillabaisse by the Riviera waterfront became race highlights.

Local specialties told the story of each region, from wild game in the Alps to sea urchins plucked fresh from the Mediterranean. Unfamiliar flavors delighted and surprised. Though unable to linger long over leisurely feasts, our celebs vowed to return one day. France’s veneration for taking time to appreciate food left a meaningful impression.


Testing Mettle Under Alpine Extremes

The celestial peaks of the French Alps presented a whole new challenge for racers. Braving thin air and icy conditions while budgeting time and funds meticulously upped the stakes. Booking refuge lodging in advance was essential for both safety and cost savings in the remote mountain terrain. Teams plotted altitude gain cautiously to avoid dangerous exhaustion or altitude sickness. Stormy weather could derail the route, so our celebs also planned backup options. Having an emergency fund for shelter and transport proved prudent.

But THE payoff for this intensive planning was immense – stunning snow-capped vistas and a true sense of accomplishment in conquering the Alps under their own power. By keeping gastly errors in check, thinking strategically, and being prepared, our teams excelled in navigating the unforgiving Alps. Their resilience was rewarded with memories to last a lifetime.


Finding Unexpected Camaraderie in Hostels

Overnight hostel stays offered more than just cheap, convenient lodging for our celebs. They quickly discovered the bonds formed with fellow backpackers. In the shared common rooms and dorms, eager conversations unfolded over evenings with new friends from around the globe. Travel tales were swapped late into the night. Tips were offered selflessly for journeys ahead. Kindred spirits were discovered through shared aspirations, humor, or musical tastes. Some hostel mates even recognized our celebs from TV, leading to fun exchanges. Others remained blissfully unaware of their fame, treating them like old pals.

After endless solitary travel, hostels became a hub of warm human connection for our racers. They were grateful for the laughter, compassion and sense of community found under one cozy roof.


Final Approach to Corsican Checkpoint

Rolling into the port city of Bonifacio marked a moment of sweet relief for our racers. Crossing the finish line at this ancient cliffside town meant completing the grueling middle leg through Spain and France. Our teams celebrated in style, toasting with local wine on the citadel’s limestone battlements overlooking crystal waters. With the Mediterranean breeze at their backs, they recounted hilarious and poignant moments from the journey so far. After covering thousands of kilometers, Corsica seemed like nirvana. Our duos knew a break here was well-deserved before the final push to Norway.

They vowed to spend this pit stop recharging their bodies and spirits with proper rest in a real bed, security of their packs in a locker, and long overdue showers. With rejuvenation in Bonifacio, our celebs will tackle the last leg to Norway replenished and ready for victory. But already they know the true prize is the life-changing wisdom gained racing across the world.


Soaking Up Corsican Culture

Before resuming the race, our celebs took time to immerse themselves in Corsican heritage. From snow-capped peaks to aquamarine coasts to rolling vineyards, this Mediterranean isle dazzled. In the capital of Ajaccio, teams strolled the narrow side streets Napoleon once roamed as a young man. The bustling markets and cafés exuded an infectious joie de vivre that reinvigorated their spirits. Hiking the coastal trails around Bonifacio, they marveled at the limestone cliffs plunging into an impossibly blue sea. The vistas were so stunning it was easy to forget the grueling journey behind – and ahead.

But most special of all was connecting with proud Corsican locals, swapping stories while savoring aged cheeses and ruby wines from the fertile interior. Under endless stars in ancient mountain villages, our celebs felt the island’s mystical soul. Corsica worked its magic, renewing energy to press onward.


Plotting Logistics for the Norway Trek

Leaving Mediterranean sunshine behind, our celebs next faced a 2,500 km trek across frigid Scandinavia to Norway’s northernmost point. Meticulous planning was essential to keep costs down and avoid dangerous errors in this remote region. Booking ferries, buses and lodging ahead of time became critical. Rugged terrain and highly variable winter weather posed threats too. Having backup options, cold weather gear and emergency contacts provided a buffer against potential issues.

Our cerebral celebs weighed all variables and scenarios. They pinpointed optimal routes, secured reservations, researched storm contingencies and packed proper attire. This leg demanded both intense grit and tactical precision. By combining courage and intellect, our teams were up for the ultimate challenge. Norway, here they come!


Appreciating Scandinavia’s Untamed Beauty

Harsh as the climate was, Scandinavia’s raw natural splendor blew our celebs away. Vast forests, shimmering Northern Lights and the aurora borealis’ ethereal glow were unforgettable. Zipping along the Norway coastline aboard the Hurtigruten ferry, the sight of massive fjords slicing between snowy peaks left them awestruck and humbled. Trudging across theremote, icy terrain under the pale winter sun required immense fortitude. But being immersed in untouched wilderness made each arduous step worthwhile.

By night, the dancing colors of the northern lights illuminated the vast polar sky in tones of emerald, violet and crimson. Their celestial beauty was hypnotic. Through freezing nights camping under the stars to mornings watching the sun rise over frosted pines, our celebs felt Scandinavia’s ancient, mysterious spirit.


Recounting Tales Around Crackling Fireplaces

After long days trekking through the tundra, our cold and weary celebs found Norwegian cabins enormously welcoming with their roaring hearths and folksy charm. Hunkering down under wool blankets next to the fireplace, they shared travel stories and life lessons learned with new friends.

Over mugs of warm gløgg, they recounted spectacular sights seen, acts of kindness by strangers, and funny mishaps that will go down in race legend. Watching auroras swirl overhead through cabin windows, their sense of wonder was rekindled. The pure simple joy of being alive and present in these remote wilds filled their hearts to the brim. When the morning sun peeked over white-capped mountains, our celebs set out feeling ready to write the next chapter of their epic tale.


Bonding with Fellow Adventurers

Trekking across the tundra was bitterly cold and lonely at times. But inside drafty old lodges, our celebs discovered the warm bonds of community still flourished. They crossed paths with hardy locals and vagabonds who shared their flasks, extra mittens, and hilarious stories around glowing stoves late into the night. Together they commiserated about blisters and broken gear, howling winds and endless miles ahead. And they reveled in each day’s small triumphs: peaks summited, wildlife spotted, and stunning vistas that nourished their souls.

In the off-grid wilds of Norway, fame and status evaporate. Our celebs were simply fellow wanderers united by the magnetic pull of the horizon. Friends were found in the unlikeliest places.


Reflecting on Perspective Gained

As our celebs finally crossed the Arctic Circle and the last finish line came into view, emotions overflowed. The seemingly impossible quest was nearly complete. They reflected on the sheer grit required to traverse Europe using just their own two feet and sheer willpower. Enduring the mental and physical extremes had pushed them to their limits – and beyond. Yet amidst the adrenaline and exhaustion, a profound sense of gratitude and joy also emerged. The wisdom gained from forging connections, facing fears, and discovering inner resolve was life changing.

By stepping outside their comfortable lives, our celebs gained a more nuanced global perspective. The world’s endless beauty and human potential to uplift others left them forever changed. As they raced into Tromsø for the finish, cheers erupted. But what our celebs had won stretched far deeper than crossing this final finish line.


The True Rewards of the Race

Standing at journey’s end in Norway, an overwhelming sense of achievement washed over our celebrties. They had made it! Yet as the champagne flowed and stories were recounted, deeper reflections also emerged about the true gifts gained. The race gifted them time together they may never get again and memories to cherish for a lifetime. It revealed their resilience as teams and rekindled their sense of adventure.

They spoke with reverence about the boundless human kindness they met – from strangers who became lasting friends. Each realized how travel broadens perspective and brings out the best in humanity. And they discovered that life’s richest rewards aren’t found where you arrive but through who you become along the way. Our celebs were forever changed, and for that they were grateful.



The second leg of Celebrity Race Across the World 2023 proved epic, grueling and exhilarating in equal measure for our intrepid teams. They overcame endless obstacles using resilience, teamwork and determination to navigate across thousands of kilometers under their own power.

From the valleys of Portugal to the peaks of the Alps, through scorching Spanish plains and frigid Norwegian tundra, this leg pushed them to their absolute limits, both mentally and physically. They etched out routes linking tiny villages, grappled with the elements, and endured relentless transit. Yet amidst the adrenaline and extremes, deeper gifts emerged. Our celebs gained cherished memories together and lessons in perseverance. They forged bonds through shared hardship, found wonder in little moments, and experienced the inspiring kindness of strangers.

As the celebs celebrate a triumphant, if exhausting, finish in Tromsø, they carry something even greater – wisdom, gratitude and connection that will stay with them forever. The race across the world changed them at their core. And that is the greatest reward.



Here are some frequently asked questions about Celebrity Race Across the World 2023 episode 2:

Q: Which parent-child teams are competing this season?

A: Teams include Harry & Emma Judd, Billy & Bonny Monger, Mel & Helene Blatt, and Alex & Noel Beresford.

Q: What was the route for episode 2?

A: Leg 2 traversed over 2,000km from Pinhão, Portugal through Spain and France to reach Bonifacio, Corsica.

Q: How do teams travel during the race?

A: Teams must make their way via trains, buses, rides, and hitchhiking on a limited budget equivalent to an airfare ticket. No flights allowed!

Q: What challenges did teams face in episode 2?

A: Exhausting overland transit, unpredictable weather, language barriers, tight funds, and securing lodging with no mobile tech were major hurdles.

Q: Where can I watch if I missed episode 2?

A: Full episodes are available on ClumpHD.com website. Simply visit ClumpHD.com and look for Celebrity Race Across the World.

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